Learn Turkish Online For Free-distance Turkish Teaching Project

Kişinev Büyükelçiliği 03.04.2017

Yunus Emre Institute has been introducing Turkish language, culture, art and history to the people of various professions and age groups with cultural centers opened in different places of the world since 2009.

Yunus Emre Institute aims to teach Turkish independently from time and place through the Distance Turkish Instruction Portal prepared by using contemporary technological facilities. For this purpose, it has been offered in the portal word lists according to levels and language information structures that are shown step by step. Furthermore, the structures that students often use every day in their life has been taught with activities based on four basic language skills.

Users, who are registered to the system by 31.07.2017, will be able to use the system free of charge until 31.12.2017.

For more information and to register to the portal please visit the website:




Pazartesi - Cuma

09:00 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 18:00

Konsolosluk Şubesine bireysel başvurular haftaiçi hergün 09.00-12.00 saatleri arasında, telefonla başvurular ise 14.00 - 17.30 saatleri arasında kabul edilmektedir.
1.1.2019 2.1.2019 Yeni Yıl Tatili
7.1.2019 8.1.2019 Ortodoks Noeli
8.3.2019 8.3.2019 Dünya Kadınlar Günü
23.4.2019 24.4.2019 Büyükleri Anma Günleri
28.4.2019 29.4.2019 Ortodoks Paskalyası Tatili
28.4.2019 29.4.2019 Ortodoks Paskalya Yortusu
1.5.2019 Uluslararası İşçi Bayramı
6.5.2019 6.5.2019 Ölüleri Anma Günü
9.5.2019 10.5.2019 Moldova Zafer Bayramı
1.6.2019 1.6.2019 Uluslararası Çocuk Bayramı
4.6.2019 4.6.2019 Ramazan Bayramı 1. Günü
11.8.2019 11.8.2019 Kurban Bayramı 1. Günü
27.8.2019 Moldova Bağımsızlık Günü
31.8.2019 Moldova Dil Bayramı “Limba Noastra” (Ana dilimiz)
14.10.2019 14.10.2019 Kişinev Şehir Günü
29.10.2019 Cumhuriyet Bayramı
25.12.2019 26.12.2019 Yeni Noel